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Important Decisions to Make Before Buying a Van Seat Cover

Seat covers for vans are an effective way to protect the seats from dirt and wear and tear. Yet, there’s a wide array of seat cover choices available in distinct fashions, material, and pricing, making it tricky for many people to choose the ideal design for their van. After assessing that you need commercial seat covers that are airbag compatible, custom made, and matching seat design among other basics, selecting the perfect option becomes easy.

In this article, we look at some essential factors that determine if a van seat cover is great for you:

To Waterproof or Not

Both water-resistant and absorbent van seat covers are available. Waterproof covers guarantee that any wetness can be wiped and dried relatively quick without the need for machine washing. Yet, you need to take time vetting your water-resistant seat cover considering that fabrics like nylon may not last very long. You may consider canvas especially when waterproofed because it’s recognized for its durability on seat covers.

Personalized Design

Each type of commercial van does not have the same seat style, so what you order for Citroen Berlingo seat covers may need to be tailor-made. Before shopping, you need to look at how your van seats are designed and determine if you should make provisions for aspects like armrests, headrests, knobs, as well as levers. In case any armrests are upholstered, these will certainly fall under the seat cover. But don’t put plastic armrests under seat cover because you can conveniently wipe them spotless anytime.

Headrests are designed differently, some of which are fixed and others modifiable, which is an issue that seat cover design must also consider. It’s important for the cover seat construction to provide for the headrest in a way, by embracing it or leaving some space through which it may fit. Color and decorations constitute individual tastes that can also dictate the custom design of your van seat covers.

Airbag Compatibility

In case there are side airbags on your van seats, it’s important to ask if your preferred designer can make the perfect seat covers for such application. Seat covers can be designed such that they’re compatible with airbags, meaning that they’re safe to use. As such, the cover has seams to the side which fall to bits in case of airbag release due to impact. Actually, some vendors won’t take your order unless you can provide accurate information about any side airbags your van seats may have.

Regardless of your tastes on the matter of seat covers for vans, ascertain to choose the best fit for the exact design of your van seats. Likewise, insist that the cover seats you want are airbag-friendly.

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