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Stop Excessive Sweating with Iontophoresis Treatment The terms Iontophorosis is quite familiar with people who have to deal with excessive sweating. If you are someone dealing with the problem of sweaty hands and sweaty feet, then this is the term that refers to the effective cure for the condition. In Iontophorosis, there is a mild current that is passed into the sweat glands of the hands and feet that will stop it from excreting sweat for a period of time lasting several weeks. This treatmet machine is the one that prouduces the current that is conducted into your hands and feet through a shallow tray of water. It is still safe to use this since the electrical current is very weak as to cause harm to you. But, what it can do is to provide relief by stopping the excessive sweating for up to several weeks at a time
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You begin the process by putting your hands and feet in the shallow tray of water. The IOntophoresis device will then provide the weak current by connecting the device to the shallow tray of water. The next thing is that the current is turned on, and you need to put your hands of feet inside the tray for about 20 minutes at time. This treatment is to be repeated once a day until you can observe that the sweating in your hands and feet have stopped. Usually, excessive sweating stops after five to ten treatments.
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This time frame is only for mild cases, but for severe sweating of the hands, it may take longer to stop but the process will surely work if you stay with it. A maintenance program of treatments will ensure continued dry hands and feet after the sweating has successfully stopped using the treatment. For maintenance you need to go through a Iontophoresis sessions once every three to four weeks. The optimum schedule may be shorter or longer , since this is merely an estimate. Iontophoresis machines area available for about a thousand dollars but one can also be put together by almost anyone for far less. However, there are doctors who try to get away from Iontophoresis. And many people are wondering why these doctors are running away from a working cure. People have then been advised to put antiperspirant on their sweaty palms to stop sweting. Antiperspirant are not liked by many since you need to use it daily and it also give a medical smell. Some have recommended surgery for people in severe cases. The problem really with surgery is the expense. There are some undesirable side effects when you undergo surgery. This leads people to be wary of Ionosphoresis. Iontophoresis devices can be ordered fro medical suppliers around the globe. Becasuse of the expense people have a problem buying the machine. Since these are basic machines, the cost do not match what they do.