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Factors That Made Your Life Coach Website Fail

To be able to advertise your services as a life coach, establishing a website is very crucial. Design a website that is captivating and memorable to anyone who sees it even at first glance on the internet. The following are example of what you might be doing wrong on your life coach website and how to solve the problem.

Your Life Coach Website Appearance

the Setback
When it comes to websites, those that are attractive and alluring will always get more users compare to the one that people deem as dull or unattractive. Having a lot of content and details on the surface of your life coach website without any arrangement will make your website look tacky and less appealing.

the Answer
Arrange your website in a neat way that will enable your clients to find what they are looking for with ease. You should use less and meaningful graphics on your life coach website to avoid clutter and overcrowding. You should post pictures that are significant to what you are offering as a life coach. You can go for colors on your logo if you have one.

Website Copy

the Issue
Most website owners think that they do not have content amount limit since the internet does not have space limitations. Many users will deflect from reading articles with too much content on the internet even if it the content is significant. Sometimes people will find it challenging and time-consuming to read the content on your life coach website if it is too wordy.

the Answer
Take into account the messages you will be sharing before you decide to rebuild your life coach websites. You will need to do thorough revising of your article drafts before you can post it on your life coach website.

Services Offered

The Problem
Having an appealing website will attract people who will, in turn, want to learn more about what you are offering. If your users do not find anything interesting to read on your website they will just leave and will not even try to know about the services you are offering.

the Remedy
The services you offer should make you stand out from all the rest life coach websites, and this will attract more clients. If you have excellent customer services where you give every client attention, and you are always available when they need you will help promote your service s on the website.


Create a simple, clean and appealing website that will show exactly what services you are offering.